Barley Bin Field Lab 2023

Research Priorities

SaskBarley is committed to its core functions of research, market development, communication, and advocacy. Our research investments in programs and projects address current and future production issues facing Saskatchewan barley producers. Our communications program ensures we are providing trusted, reliable, timely, and unbiased information to barley stakeholders.

Barley Bin Field Lab 2023
SaskBarley views the Barley Bin Field Lab as an integration of the research and communication functions. The trials will take the most impactful results from small-plot trials and implement it at field scale. Results from field scale trials will be communicated through our many communication channels.

Barley Bin Field Lab goals

SaskBarley’s goals for the Barley Bin Field Lab are to generate farm-scale research results that complement small plot trials, build farmer input on research questions facing Saskatchewan barley farmers, enhance the quality and reach of on-farm experimentation, build capacity and encourage best practices for on-farm trials.

Protocols for 2023

SaskBarley is seeking interest from farmers to grow on-farm trials in 2023. We are developing full protocols for 3 topics and will review new topics of interest as well. We are targeting up to 4 on-farm research projects in 2023. SaskBarley may not support all projects submitted to SaskBarley, whether new topics or planned protocols. The planned protocols include:

  • Seeding rates (malt or feed)
    • Optimizing the target plant density balances seed costs, yield and stand management
  • Increased nitrogen rates (malt or feed)
    • Optimal N rates need refining as newer genetics become more widely adopted that are higher yielding, have improved lodging resistance and lower protein
  • Variety comparison (malt only)
    • Evaluating the performance of newer malt varieties on-farm in comparison with established varieties
  • Topic of interest (malt or feed)
    • fungicides, plant growth regulators, enhanced efficiency fertilizers, seeding date, or something else

Research support

SaskBarley will be working closely with Indian Head Agriculture Research Foundation (IHARF) to assist with development of the project, implementation, measurement, harvest and analysis of the data. SaskBarley and IHARF will engage as needed with local agrologists to support the projects.

All trials will be randomized and replicated.Generally, the base treatment for each trial will be based on the current practice on the farm operation, with up to two additional treatments to be added,at specific increments.

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